Tempo track snapping off + inconsistent grid snapping in C12.0.52 w/ W10-22H2 on QHD display

mouse is on the right of the autodetected position (vertical white line follower).

It seems that the code truncate the mouse value instead of rounding it up to the nearest grid position BTW.

Very annoying as you can unfortunately create tempo points on the previous/left grid position all the time.

To reproduce, just get a tempo track and switch between arrow tool and the pencil tool while editing the tempo track with grid enable.

Seems to work better on and HD screen, but using QHD on my main configuration. Disabling hDPI setting changes nothing in this issue.

Very basic (mouse input) GUI behavior I was expecting would work, so now I’m a bit worried about how this was programmed :frowning:

I don’t need support for this, just wanted to report it as it completely broke my appeal to start a new project on C12 for the day.

PS: Just tested in C11, and it does not works either in fact (thought it would but snapping was just not working there, i had to select grid on/off several times before it worked again with the grid snapping in C11, so even worse somehow) …

The behaviour you describe is actually normal for Cubase. The software works like that since the 1980’s. It is a design choice.
That might put you off but look at it this way: Cubase works like this consistently. Current grid position is always left of the mouse cursor, never to the right. Reliable behaviour.

Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately:

  1. In all other DAWs I used though, it is snapping to the nearest position, which makes it more intuitive and easier, especially when you are almost clicking on the line +/- 2 pixels.

  2. Even with this weird misleading convention , it stills bugs though as the vertical white line follower does not always show and it actually does not always snap even if the grid is on…
    try changing the tool like I suggested upper to reproduce this.
    It might also be a feature though (seriously), because when using the arrow and click on the tempo line it seems to always add points without the grid…