Tempo track usage in recording question

Cubase 12.0.40 Win11 lot of memory I5-12600 (powerful), Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd recording 2 guitar tracks and 6 physical synths audio tracks + 1 midi track.

I am using a preconfigurated tempo track + signature track when recording.

On some situation, on bar ends, signature changes from 4 bars of 4/8 to 4 bars of 3/8 and tempo also changes on each signature change.

When I record with metronome playing, I have the sensation that the beat duration is not following what the tempo track requires, keeping the previous 4/8 tempo on the first bar of 3/8 then finally adjusting to the desired tempo value, but on a bar later than the desired one. And I have to adapt my playing.

When later I listen to the recorded part, tempo is ok with the tempo track.

To be honest I did not try to play and external tempo in parallel while recording, not so easy to trigger in sync.

My PC has a lot of power and I checked to stop any windows process that could be pumping resources,

Am I the only to experience this ? is it pure non factual sensation ?

You can specify on the tempo track controls whether the tempo changes as a “step” (instant) or “ramp” (gradual). Sounds like you may have it set to ramp but would prefer step.

Thank you, I was not knowing this trick and after reading I thought it was my problem…but my setting of all the tempo change objects is on STEP. :frowning:

Could it be a bug in 12.0.40 ?
I will test the difference, changing to “ramp” some of them, and if no difference it may means bug.

No idea then I’m afraid. Perhaps post a screenshot of the tempo track to illustrate your settings to see if it’s reproducible, or for anyone to spot the problem.

Would you mind doing a video of it (with audio) ?

I think it is, for me it works properly, unless you really are experiencing an actual issue ?
Just try it with drastic tempo changes.

Have you tried recording the metronome in real time back to an audio track…should show you whether it’s sticking to time or not?

The pb is in the recording, not in the listening where everything get aligned to tempo.
Using the render as audio shows no difference, and I would not have expected any as the process is different as the recording one.

Sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying. What is pb?

I never mentioned rendering audio so I’m guessing you didn’t understand me either.

Pb = acronym for problem

I was refering to the Cubase feature allowing to render metronome as a new audio track.

Never heard of pb as problem, as a chemist to me, Pb is lead…but thanks, something new learned!

I didn’t say to render the metronome to the audio track though, I said record in real time…this is an important distinction.
Rendering may indeed not show if there is a problem but recording the actual metronome that you are hearing should do.