Tempo Track with Yamaha Genos

Here is a very interesting observation that I have noticed with regards to tempo tracking in Cubase 12 professional

Starting with the Yamaha Genos I create (record) a very short eight bar midi track and then import it into cubase as an audio track. I see that the tempo track default 120bps and in the transport I could either use the tempo track or uncheck it but still getting the same results

My Yamaha Genos is configured in its USB1 setting to play its midi track into a cubase audio track after pressing the record button in Cubase. It is synced up perfectly except for the tempo I am hearing out of cubase

What I notice is that the original tempo (in the song- 1 track) that I had set at 70 BPS is playing back the Yamaha Genos midi track at 129 bps and the only way I can get it to record correctly is to change the Cubase tempo track to 70 bpm.

I know that my transport settings are absolutely correct but maybe I’m missing something with regards to the clocking and I know that cubase must be the master clock could it be something in the preferences I’m missing? If you need more photos please let me know and as always I thank you for your assistance

Alan Russell


Do you send the MIDI Clock from Cubase to Genos to sync the devices, please?

Please tell me how to do that.

Is there a setting in preferences that they might be missing?




I’m not at my DAW now. Transport (???) menu > Synchronization Setup.

I will send you photos of my transport screen and we’ll take it from there

Question. In the workflow can you compromise the tempo being created in Cubase going from a midi file directly to an audio file?

Maybe I should create two tracks in cubase arm then both and start recording the Yamaha Genos midi track to see if there’s any stability in the tempo being recorded to Cubase

Martin-I have conducted many tests with the midi arrangers Keyboard called the Genos from yamaha
I have come to the conclusion that the only way I could synchronize the Yamaha Genos with a Cubase Tempo Track is to remember what the original tempo I set it out for when I was laying down the piano bass drum track and then go to the cubase Tempo track and change it to that tempo. All of the tracks that followed stayed at the original tempo Saving that first audio track is very important
I still feel there is an issue with cubase synchronizing up with the Yamaha Genos. It’s one extra step for me but I can definitely deal with it.

Alan Russell


Sorry, this won’t work. 120BPM at device A it’s something different than 120BPM at other device. Different clock.