Tempo Track Workflow Question


I’m recording a song that requires several tempo changes.
Should I record the gtr/BFDrums/bass and THEN “install” the tempo changes,
or should I record the ghost gtr track, do the temp changes, then do drums/bass?

Which will give the most hastle-free results?

Cheers & Thanks


I would recommend to record one (any) ghost track first. Set the tempo and enable metronome/click. Then you can record other tracks with click.

Thanks Martin…

I was just experimenting with this and I discovered that some of the more exotic guitar chords went all “robotic” sounding. Upon inspection I discovered that they were set to elastique pro time in the pool. I should have set them to elastique pro formant pitch…does that seem correct?..at any rate, is it possible to retroactively do that after the track has been tempo corrected?


Switch Off the Musical Mode of this audio Event (in the Info Line of the Project window, or in the Pool). Otherwise you change the tempo, and the Guitar will change too, which doesn’t make sense, because this is your reference one.

Thanks again Martin. I’ll give this a try.