Tempo track


Sorry if tis is kind of a rookie question. I’ve looked through the manual and cant seem to find a simply way to be able to add a change event to the tempo track

I’m using Cubase 7.5 and I have a project I’m working on with tempo changes. I’ve been able to get the tempo track to add a tempo change once but sadly I have to chalk that up to luck (clicked on enough stuff until it added the change but cant remember what I clicked on that allowed it). Now I want to adjust again and cant add another change to the track.

I’m figuring there has to be something simple I’m missing?

Is there an easy way/key command to add a new change to the left (in the inspector)? I cant figure that out. Once its there I can double click and edit easy enough.

Thanks in advance and sorry again if its a stupid question, seems like it should be a simple enough thing to do.

Manual -> "Editing tempo and signature - very straightforward explanation

Thank you. I’ll check it out again I was searching the manual by Tempo Track so I might have ben missing that section.


I see now, I’ll have to give it a shot. I was getting Ramp and Curve confused as being the same thing and didn’t read that part fully thinking that was only applicable to adding a Ramp (gradual increase).

I didn’t catch that you had the option to choose Ramp or Jump.

Thanks again!

You can have Ramp & Jump within the same Tempo Track and the Ramp also optionally operates as a ’ gradual decrease ’

thanks! I haven’t tried using the Ramp option yet, the song I was working on I was able to just do it as a jump, but couldn’t figure out what I hit to get an event to change it back to the initial tempo, haha! I can see where that would be a cool/fun feature to have.

on a side note, If you adjust/add that after you have recorded does it adjust audio tracks (like that time warp option) or just the midi tracks. I was using it in the song that I’m working on just to change the tempo of the song (playing a long do), but it seems like it can be used for some other really cool stuff too. especially the gradual decrease or increase like you mentioned. would be easier to sync it up to one tempo and adjust after vs trying to play to the click while its changing