Tempo Tracks like Marker Tracks

I would like to have multiple Tempo tracks exactly like the feature with Marker Tracks.
Because I edit tracks with different tempos and I like to start from bar 1, so I can assign on each song a new tempo track and activate it as I wish.
It would be nice to have this feature.
Thank you.

With Tempo Tracks you can create multiple versions but only a single Track.
With Markers you can not create different versions but you can create multiple Tracks.


Thank you for your answer. I didn’t realize that I can create versions in a tempo track. I have to try it tomorrow.
I would prefer multiple Tempo Tracks so I can see at once what’s happening on any song/track.
It’s not a big deal just a time saver for me.

Can I ask why you are working with multiple songs in a single Project? Nothing intrinsically wrong with doing that. But folks who do that sometimes encounter odd issues with timing, tempos, and mixing that are artifacts of that approach.

It’s cleaner to go with one song per Project, but of course that isn’t always what’s needed.

Thank you raino for your replies…
I am not making songs in a single project. I’m just importing tracks/mixdowns to make edits and sometime combine different songs together for live performing.
So I make 5min mixes with different songs and then export them to import in Ableton Live.
Tempo track is used to speed up or slow down some tracks so they can fit together.
I hope i gave you a picture with my workflow.
Anyway with track versions there is a solution for me.
Thank you for that.