Tempo trim

Imagine you do a tempo Detection for a complete song and end up having a Tempo Track with the Tempo curve and Tempo Events each bar…

Now, you want the Tempo to rise to some amount, then fall back to normal, but still preserve the overall Tempo relations…

You do you achieve this?


Try this:

  1. Expand your tempo track vertically so that you can see the tempo changes inside it pretty easily.
  2. Select your basic pointer tool (arrow tool)
  3. Inside your tempo track, Click and drag around the area you want to ‘trim’
  4. Once all those points are highlighted, you should be able to adjust any one of them and the others will follow.

I’ll try to upload / attach a quick screen capture of me doing this so you can ‘see’ what I"m talking about.

Hope this helps!

tempo trim demo.mov (1.61 MB)

Hi Walter,
Since TabSel didn’t thank you for you effort, let me.
Well done, thank you.

thanks Walter P for your efforts. Got no email notification of a reply, sorry.

Do you know if it’s possible to raise or lower the tempo along a linear slope? For example select a bunch of tempo events and then scale just one side of the box, like in automation, so that the overall tempo raises or falls over time?

First, Rabdaddy: thank you! That was a very considererate gesture! I think the OP just didn’t get notified of the post. Regardless, very thoughtful of you

Second, Re: gradual tempo changes, I think all you need to do is change your tempo track mode from “Jump” to “Ramp”. If you look in the track-controls area of the tempo track, you should see the word “jump”. If you click on it, you’ll get a drop down menu with the option for ‘ramp’.

As its name implies, Cubase now connect to different tempo values with a slope instead of a ‘stair-step’.

I’m going to try and anticipate your next questoin :wink: and let you know: Yes, you can switch back and forth between the two modes as needs be. (put in a few stair-steps, switch to ‘ramp’ draw in some slopes, switch back to ‘jump’ and add more ‘stairs’.

Finally, you can also play with ‘Automatic’ mode (wherein CB tries to guess what you want and react accordingly. Which seems to work fairly well actually).

Hope this helps!

If you look at the beginning of this forum, there’s a link to an advanced CB6 video from Streamworks. It has a lot more detail about these sorts of things. FWIW :slight_smile: