tempo up and up and up

cubase/general production question

so i know there’s a limit on the tempo in cubase, set to 300bpm, so then maybe someone can help me achieve the effect that can be heard in this track https://youtu.be/-vut0Xv1DgU?t=291
somehow the producer manages to get the tempo to increase faaar above 300 bpm until it’s just a blur…

someone must know how to do this within the DAW we all love

Wow, that is totally not in the least the kind of music I listen to or make, but I thought that was extremely cool!

Not sure if this helps with the actual question - but I used a plug-in called “Glitch” to do a tape stop to zero BPM, and then a tape start up to initial tempo. If it can go down to zero, maybe it can go up way high also … if no one else has a better suggestion, it might be helpful to check it out (I think it has a free trial version, and sorry I’m not at DAW to check for you … I’ll try to do so next time I’m there).

nice…i know the plugin though i don’t use it but i do use something similar (NIs the finger)…i’ll check it out thanks

Have you tried opening the audio pool and setting the tempo of the file/files really low, say 10bpm.
Then set the tempo of the project to the same bpm
Make a tempo track and ramp it up to 300 bpm.
Not in front of a computer to try, but could work I think.

thanks for the tips guys…apparently it’s something called dub-delay

now i know what the effect is called i’ll research it to find out how to achieve it…when i’ve figured it out i’ll come back and share the knowledge

Doesn’t sound like a bpm increase. Sounds like a wave form being sped up with steps. You can achieve this with most vsts. Sylenth does this well along with pad shop pro.

Sounds to me like a looping tool with a pitch up, I dont know any VST that does this sort of effect btw.

I think the same sort of effect can be achieved by exporting a bar of material, drag it into Groove Agent.
Set Loop Mode to Continuous so it will keep repeating while holding the note and set pitchbend to +24, and use pitchbend on your midi-keyboard to pitch it up, or automate pitchbend.

@hurmple…yeah…i think you’re right…i saw a video of a guy doing a similar thing but with only a kick drum loop and he did pretty much what you’ve said… i’ll be giving it a try later and will let you know how i get on with it…

I just tried it out and found +24 not being fast enough compared to your example, but +24 is the max allowed here.

I’ve put “Pitchbend Down” to -48, “Pitchbend Up” to +24.
All the pitch envelope points fully to the top and “Env Amnt” to 48. Vel>Lev 0% to not let velocity level interfere with pitch.
Now with Pitchbend held fully down it’s at original tempo, creating a total pitch up range of +72 semitones.

If my amature math is correct, 150BPM material fully pitched up would equal 9600BPM!
A bit exaggerated, but now I know +24 isnt the limit by far. I have to say this is quite fun to play with.