How do I define the tempo for a music project in Cubase Artist 8?
In LE4 I used the floater and changed the BMP and / or tempo, but in Artist 8 this seems to work different?

I now have a project with in the floater tempo 120 (BPM?) and 4/4.
The tempo is so slow! That’s not what I expect with 120 BPM. :frowning:

And is there a quick way to enter the Metronome Setup?

Kind regards, Juliette


The behaviour is the same. Do you use Tempo Fixed or Tempo Track?

You can assign a Key Command to Metronome Setup.

Is your project midi or audio (or both)?

First of all, thank you for responding. :smiley:

tempo = Fixed, so I can determine the tempo or measure of the song (project).

my project is Audio.

First I insert one channel and do record voice and guitar together, so I can search for the tempo of my song by
using the metronome. There is probably an easier way, but I haven’t found out…
Having determined the tempo of the song and changed the Fixed Tempo in the floater, then I insert a channel for
recording the guitar. And after that I insert a channel for recording my voice, using the headphone to listen to the
guitar-channel, and using the metronome for the rythm.

I can change the loudness of the Metronome only with the Output Knot of the external soundcard, not software-wise.
Is that because I checked the option Use ASIO Direct Monitoring in the Driver Software (under Device Setup)?
And see above: is there something in the software, so I can select the track and let the software calculate the tempo?

Have a nice day!

Set playing and then open Project/Beat Calculator and tap in the tempo from your space bar

Or you could just set Cubase playing the metronome and adjust until it feels right to play along with before you record anything.

Hallo Grim,

I only hear the metronome at the left speaker (of left headphone). Do you know where to adjust that?

Are you certain it’s only the click coming from left channel…other sounds in Cubase come from both channels?

I know in C8Pro there is click panning in the control room but not sure about Cubase Artist.