Tempochange c7.5

Hi, I have a project with audiotracks I want to speed up from 120 to 126 bpm. So I open the poolwindow, set all the tracks to musical mode and write in the tempo to all tracks to be 126. When I play back, the clicktrack don’t match. What am I doing wrong?

If the tracks where recorded in 120 they should remain 120 in the pool. Set the tempo of the project to 126. Just make sure your tracks are also set to musical mode like in the pool.

what Peakae said- just want to mention that it’s the time base of tracks that are set to musical or linear, there’s no musical or linear ‘mode’ for tracks. it’s how cubase deals with tempo on that track- whether it’s based on time, or musical tempo.

You can have audio files that are not in musical mode, on a track set to musical timebase.