Temporarily hide voices/parts within a piano reduction?

Can one temporarily hide one or more voices/parts within the score of a piano reduction? (I vaguely remember something along those lines announced for Dorico 4, but - alas - I’m stuck on 3.5)

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

Do you mean notes or voices on the piano staves themselves, or music on other instruments? If the latter, you can use manual staff visibility changes:

Thank-you, Daniel – what a great feature!
It’s good to know that it exists, even tho’ what I’m after is to apply that feature to individual parts in a multi-part piano score. However, I see that this feature does allow one to hide one of the two staves within a grand staff, which will probably come in handy for me at times.

The longer I use Dorico, the more impressed I become with how deeply you and the team have thought things through. Really remarkable!