Temporary C6 license for all N5 owners?

I know that we’ll have those features (and more) soon, but there have been plenty of times in the past few months that it would have been handy to have some of the new C6 features (auto tempo map, group editting, etc.). I don’t know what, if anything, will be done about the leapfrogging. But wasn’t it brought up at one point to give all N5 owners a temporary C6 license until N5 catches up with those features? I’m tired of upgrading BOTH my programs.

It was brought up by users that a smart thing to do… well, nice thing to do, would be to give Nuendo owners a “combo” license that would allow one to run either program, but not both simultaneously. That’d be throwing Nuendo users a bone for waiting for a long-as time for parity.

I have my doubts as to whether or not SB would actually go along with something like this however…

Well, if Nuendo is the flagship program, then I don’t see why not. But then again, when are people ever rational? :open_mouth:


Well, you see, when we bought in it was the ‘flagship’ steinberg app - now it’s just a ‘post’ app. It’s not better man, just different. Cmon, can’t you tell, I mean now it even says ‘post’ on the box :slight_smile:

I think a free Cubase licence is not be necessary. What would be better would be a combined licence for Nuendo 5 and Cubase 6. Steinberg has already set a precedent for doing this with a previous version. However it was so badly botched by the Marketing department (there’s a shock) that it left a bad taste in the mouth for many users.

Really there is no reason not to issue a combined licence that overwrites the Nuendo licence when there is a new version of Cubase. It’s not as if they are giving users another product that can be used on a different machine at the same time. However, much as it makes sense to me, it may not make sense to the powers that be at Steinberg.


Steinberg should just put out a new program completely dedicated to Post users and end this controversy once and for freakin all.

They could call it: Postendo.


Combined license would be best. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nuendo is phased out :frowning: