Temporary Install of Two DAWS on Single Mac


Could I get some advice from the more technically savvy on here please.

My cousin wants to get into home recording and despite my demos of what he would be able to do with Cubase (I am on 7.5 and love it) he would like to use Pro Tools.

To help him make an informed choice I want to get the trial version of PT and run it on my Mac using my SSL Nucleus as the soundcard. I realise I would have to get an iLok USB to do this but he will need that anyway if he goes down the PT route.

Would I run into any issues by having two DAWs on the one machine and would he be able to access my VSTs e.g. EZ Drummer to get an idea of what’s possible with PT? Also…when I come to uninstall PT will I hit any problems.

If it’s going to be a major hassle I’d rather not risk my set up as it runs beautifully but if I can let him get a glimpse of PT without him investing in a PT specific interface it seems worthwhile :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help.

I see noone has answered this question.
There are plenty of people running multiple DAWs on 1 PC/Mac, there shouldn’t be any issues.
I believe ProTools can’t load VST plugins, only RTAS. (Someone correct me if that’s wrong, I don’t use ProTools.)

The only way I know of to run VST effects in PT10/11 is plugin chainers like nomad factory’s magma. Transvst existed for a few hours then was pulled as is supposedly breached their license AVID.

I don’t know of an easy way to get a VSTi easily to run with PT as no wrapper exists and I never explored it as I don’t really use samplers in PT. Rewiring to a secondary host is one way, I believe.

As to it being a hassle… To make an informed decision as to which direction one wants to take, heck no! If you know the limitations of the demo, find a work around or just choose supported plugins and samplers. It looks like EZ Drummer is supported in PT:
You may need an updated version of it?

I run PT, Cubase, Vegas, Acid. That will not be an issue. Connected peripherals may have to have their modes shifted, like my MCU control surfaces have to be put in HUI mode to work with PT.

If your cousin wants collaboration with you, that could be a challenge. If your cousin wants your help figuring things out in PT, that could be a problem if you are not versed. I would say there is more to gain with your cousin using a similar software as you.

Thanks to both of you and apologies for the lateness in replying (I had no ideas my post had been moved to the lounge) :blush:

I took the plunge and bought the iLok for him and d/ld the PT11 demo…surprisingly easy set up and as the Nucleus allows me to control 3 DAWs I was up and running in no time. My cousin can’t get to me until next weekend but I have been able to navigate most of the basic functionality with little problem so he can hit the ground running :smiley:

Couple of big omissions for me…no chord track and no arranger track (although there’s a workaround for that). As for the plugins…EZ Drummer, EZ Keys, and Trillian all work off the bat…need to address Kontakt when I get the time but the PT demo comes with a nice set of plugins to give some sounds.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply …PT11 came with an uninstaller so hopefully no issues there and he can certainly get some ‘hands on’ time without committing for a few weeks.

Take care.