Temporary Varispeed the project for recording


I’ve noticed many artists using Varispeed techniques in Logic, Ableton, and even Pro Tools to manipulate vocal and string recordings. I’ve searched extensively to find an easy way to do this in Cubase without the hassle of countless clicks—often leading to unintended audio changes. Unlike Logic, Cubase doesn’t have a straightforward top button on the project info line for applying this effect.

You may search in Youtube an example to clear my intentions (can’t attach the link here :slight_smile:
“How To Make A Realistic Sounding Orchestra Using Varispeed” (5:09)

I wonder if anyone has found an easy/efficient way to apply this technique in Cubase. Please let me know! :slight_smile:

Hi, a way I can think of is:
Set all audio events to Musical Mode so they follow project’s tempo.


Now when you are changing the tempo everything will follow.

For your convenience choose if you want your tracks in Musical Time Base so the Start Position is bonded to the Bars&Beats . If the Linear Time Base is enabled, the Start position is bonded to the Time position.

Musical Mode

The Musical Mode allows you to tempo-match audio loops to the project tempo.

If you activate Musical Mode for an audio clip, realtime time stretching is applied to the clip so that it matches the project tempo. The audio events adapt to any tempo changes in Cubase, just like MIDI events.

In the Sample Editor, you can activate Musical Mode in the AudioWarp section, the Definition section, and the toolbar.


  • You can also activate/deactivate Musical Mode from within the Pool by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the Musical Mode column.
  • Cubase supports ACID® loops. These loops are standard audio files but with embedded tempo/length information. When ACID files are imported into Cubase, Musical Mode is automatically activated and the loops will adapt to the project tempo.

The drawback is that you will need a pitch-to-tempo converter like this

Thanks my friend! Will try this.
I wish there would be easier way to do so, but hope it will deliver

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