Tempos do not carry forward when splitting flows

I have been splitting songs into flows so when I export audio files to recombine in Go Button or QLab I can use them for rehearsals without having to restart the file from the beginning or make a wild guess where to start playback to accommodate a particular singer on a particular passage.

1.) So long as I set the tail to zero, the process works pretty well, but I notice that after the first flow, each flow abandons the set tempo and (I expect) sets its tempo according to the generic tempo of quarter note = 120 (or whatever is set in the upper right hand corner) rather than maintaining the original tempo.

I don’t imagine having the split flows chase the original tempo is an easy proposition, especially since in some files a number of tempo changes may have occurred between the start of the piece and the split point(s); but if down the road(map) Dorico could chase the tempo setting and set the tempo for each split accordingly, that would be a great help.

2.) I’m also noticing that Dorico seems to be adding a reverb tail to some flow exports (when I export them all together) in spite of my setting the reverb tail to zero.

EDIT: I figured this second part out: When Dorico split the flows, it added an extra measure at the end of two of the flows. Not sure why.

If the Team needs to see the file, I can email it.