This probably these have been discussed here, but I haven’t found them:

  1. Tempos listed in the Absolute Tempo Change panel have specific quarter-note beat values attached to them (but the beat unit can’t be changed there). Where do these values come from? Con brio, say, at 6=120, essentially march tempo, seems to me rather lacking in “brio”. And what’s the meaning of the line at the top of that list that reads "Slower ----- ----- ----- Faster? Clicking on the bars in that line has no effect that I can see.

  2. Once a tempo has been chosen I find that it can’t be edited, except by using the Properties box; but only the beat value can be changed there, not the beat unit, although the the words “beat unit” appear. Yes, I know I can delete the tempo text and re-enter it anew using Shift - T (in fact that workes really well, even understanding the meaning of, …5=, 6=, 7=, … etc.) But double clicking on the tempo text to edit it puts me into the note entering state, which is a bit annoying. Or have I missed something?


Those tempo values are simply presets that I came up with after looking at scores, metronomes, books, etc. At the moment the presets are not editable, but in due course we do plan to make it possible to edit and add your own presets. The slider at the top of the Tempo panel narrows or widens the tempo range of the tempos that are shown beneath it: e.g. drag both thumbs closer to the middle of the slider, and only moderate tempos will appear; put the left thumb in the middle and the right thumb at the right-hand side of the slider, and tempos from moderate up to very fast will appear, etc.

You can’t change the beat unit of an existing tempo item via Properties yet, but this too is planned. Sorry that you find it annoying in the meantime.

Silly me…I didn’t notice that the “bars” actually were one bar carrying the two movable “thumbs.” By the way, I did say “a bit annoying.” I’m over it now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanations, Daniel.