Tempotrack improvements

Hi all,
Long time Cubase user. Just upgraded to C8.5 and am happy to find the new features are quite useful ones. Kudos to all at Steinberg for that.

I was going through the new tempo track features. IMHO the tempo track editing in Cubase used to be a little bit amateurish one. To enter a new tempo in tempo track, we have to click the tempo track to make a tempo edit point and then enter a value. Most of the time it will not be created at the start point of the bar, even if snap is enabled. Then we have to zoom in, drag it to the beginning of the bar or use the infoline or inspector to enter the starting measure of the bar. Considering the new enhancements in tempo track, it would be better to create a new tempo edit point(a new tempo) when ever we enter a tempo-value in the transport panel, provided if a tempo edit point is not selected to get edited. What I am looking at is that we should be able to manually enter a tempo value where ever we wish in one step. Same should be the case of time signature.

Inviting a good discussion from fellow Cubase users.

Why don’t you just drag the newly created tempo point up or down with the mouse in the tempo editor? I’m not sure what you mean by “enter a new tempo”, but I’ve never had to do anything except use the mouse.

That’s what I often do. :slight_smile: I agree that it has its own advantages too, even time warping has.

My mother tongue is not English. But let me try to explain.

Case 1) Suppose our project tempo is 120 and if we could type a tempo value(say 90BPM) in the transport panel and Cubase starts a new tempo at the cursor(say 53.00.000) from there without the need of any additional mouse-clicks. Wouldn’t it be much tidier and professional than clicking on the tempo track to create a tempo point and then dragging it to the start of a measure?

Actually my request was upon a film scoring perspective. Cubase’s video do not move(seek) according to a moving region like Protools or Reaper. Now we have to trial and error with tempo points to match with a sync point in the video.

Case 2) Suppose if we could type in a tempo value(say 90BPM) in the transport panel and Cubase starts a new tempo at the cursor(say 53.02.000) and if there is a tick mark option to start a new measure from there and the tempotrack auto-adjusts with the newly created half measure to make it a full measure, it would make scoring much easier and comfortable IMHO.

My mother tongue is not English

Nandhu, your English is just fine - better than a lot of forum members whose native tongue is English. :smiley:

As to your feature request - I have never once ever wished to enter a tempo setting via the keyboard. However, if you want a really precise value, that’s probably the better way to go since we don’t have (nor do we need, IMO) a vertical snap-to-grid capability.

I am also a film composer and also always like to type in my tempos, different workflow for different people. I haven’t had issues with creating a node that snaps to grid. After that you can type in the value into the left of the “info line” (black bar above the bar numbers) if you have it shown. With that said, your request may still be cool to have. The less clicks the better.

My biggest issue which is currently driving me bonkers is that you can’t set the note value for the tempo on a node by node basis (not a global setting):
Quarter Note= 120
Dotted Quarter= 120

This is a must for me as I do use 6/8 or 12/8 in the same sessions as 4/4 or 3/4. If you can do this and I am missing something please let me know!