Tenor G ottava Clef: FIX

EDIT: This post is now outdated by the features in Dorico 3.5.

_Here is a fix for anyone who wants to have a G ottava clef that performs the 8vb transposition.

  1. Quit Dorico.
  2. Download the attached .doricolib file and unzip it.
  3. Save this to the “DefaultLibraryAdditions” folder.

    On Mac, this is in your root level Library: /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2/DefaultLibraryAdditions/
    On Windows (please confirm): %PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2\DefaultLibraryAdditions

    If the folder is not there, you will need to create it. (If you have NotePerformer, you should have the folder, as NP uses .doricolib file to load its expression maps.)

    When you restart Dorico, you will then find a clef named “Treble Clef(8vb)” in the Archaic Clefs section. Instead of using the Tenor “instrument”, you can use other Singer instruments, such as Voice, Baritone, etc, which can now use Treble G, C clefs, F clef and the Ottava G clef, all at the correct pitch!

    Thanks to Craig F for creating the XML. This works well on my setup, but obviously, if you are having problems, do remember to remove it as part of any troubleshooting._

I think it’s %PROGRAMDATA% rather than %APPDATA%
%PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2\DefaultLibraryAdditions

Wicked cool and much needed.

Thanks for sharing and to Craig F for creating the XML.


Awesome, works perfectly, thanks a lot!

How great thanks!!! Unfortunately there is no such folder as DefaultLibraryAdditions in Dorico 3 (Mac) any more. Anyone could help me find how to implement this great tool into Dorico 3? Many thankls in andvance.

Then you create it! It should be the same path as in the original post, (changing 2 for 3). NB this is in your root level Library, not user Library.

One side-effect of this is that some XML instruments are imported with G8 clef. Usually, they can be deleted to restore the correct clef; otherwise, Change the Instrument.

Dear benwiggy & Craig F,
this ‘real’ Teor G ottava Clef is very helpful to me. Just put it into my 3.5.
Thanks again so much!

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Dear Steffano

This clef fix is not needed in Dorico 3.5. I have removed the download from this thread. Dorico 3.5 contains a setting in Notation Options to "respect octaves’ in Clefs. There are also two Tenor ‘instruments’: one with the octave transposition as before, and the other without. You can also set the octave shift of any individual clef.

Great thanks, that’s good. Still it’s been a big help for me!

I had some hope that this feature would resolve the problems of writing recorder music with instruments that are lower-pitched than the bass recorder, namely great bass and contrabass. Unfortunately, though, it messes it up further because in Dorico the octave definition of the bass recorder and the assigned clef of the descant recorder are both wrong.
The descant recorder appears with a standard treble clef (it should be octave up) but correctly displays the second space as A5. If the clef is corrected and respected in the option, it becomes A6, which is wrong.
The bass recorder appears with the correct clef (bass octave up) but only gives the correct pitch if the clef is ignored, top line A4. If the clef is respected that becomes A5, which is wrong.
*So, if the clefs are respected, the octaves are wrong for both descant and bass recorders.

You can now add explicit clefs, though, then set their Octave Shift property. Does that not fix this problem with recorders?

For some VST’s (such as HALion) one can set an octave switch in the instrument within the VST player.

That’s probably because, like the Tenors, the instrument definitions themselves have an in-built octave transposition. So you shouldn’t respect octaves if you’re using those instruments; or (if you need/want to respect for other instruments), then you’ll have to use the Octave Shift property to restore things.

Another option, as Derrek hints, it is possible to set a Transpose value in the Expression Map for those instruments. Though that affect sound only, not appearance. (And it can be a minefield keeping track of all the things that could possibly be shifting the pitch up and down!)

It should now be possible to display any instrument using any ottava clef, with playback at any given octave!

That was much needed! Thanks.