[Terms] Change "East-Asian Lyrics" to "Japanese Lyrics".

From the Engraving Options -> Lyrics in Dorico 1.2.1 I could see the “East-Asian Lyrics” elision slur option.

However, as a native Mainland Chinese, I never feel that such slur is common in Simplified Chinese music typography.

This made me wonder whether it is appropriate to change the term “East-Asian Lyrics” to “Japanese Lyrics”.

Maybe I need to hear what you developers think of it.

P.S.: This slurs between kana/ideographs and punctuation marks, making me wonder why it slurs them together.

Wasn’t that option present on older versions? Well, actually, it does not change the legitmate question… I’m curious to read what people who know about that will answer, because I have absolutely no idea about that :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, you don’t want a comma or period symbol gets slurred with its preceding literary text character (could be alphabet, ideograph, kana, hangul, etc.).