Terrible customers service

Wondering if it’s just me or it’s a general issue, but sadly I have to admit my experience with Steinberg customers service is pretty bad. In fact it’s very bad.
I’ve been having some issues with my purchase/upgrade and nobody seems to be willing to help me. First I contacted Steinberg directly by issuing a ticket and after two weeks(!!!) waiting last Monday I contacted Asknet, but they sent me back to Steinberg and as I could expect it’s been quiet since.

It’s driving me crazy because I can’t use my software and what’s worse the whole situation puts me off their products and makes me not wanting to use them anymore, but I’ve been using them for so long, it’s even more frustrating, To me it looks like a simple license operation that should take few minutes, so where this massive delay comes is beyond me.

Hello Steinberg people. anyone listening and willing to sort out my problem???


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What is your problem? There may be someone here who has seen similar before and be able to help.

I have a problem (with Halion Sonic SE update) so I created a support ticket. At the moment, it’s four weeks and no response. I’ve given up worrying why my expensive FULL Cubase Pro 9.3 software isn’t fully functional and I guess that, because Steinberg has my money, they aren’t worried either.
And before I get the usual “ask the forum for help” advise, I figure that it is Steinberg’s responsibility to ensure paying customer product satisfaction, NOT the customers!!!

Jim B

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^So hmm, what’s the problem?

If Steinberg can get away with saving money by not having people to help on the forums, it seems they will. That says a lot about the company’s philosophy and ethos.

I upgraded Halion Sonic 2 to 3, only later to find out that I own only v.1 My mistake, happens. Earlier I upgraded also Halion 5 to 6. In general I could upgrade Absolute 1 to 3 but did my calculations (assuming I own Sonic2) and decided to upgrade Halion and Sonic only. So now, after finding out I need two steps upgrade for Sonic it would make more sense to upgrade Absolute rather then Halion and Sonic separately. It’s all matter of £80 so I thought it would be easy, they would either grant me Absolute 3 after extra payment or I would revert both Halion and Sonic upgrades and get mentioned Absolute. Easy peasy right? no
It looks like I’m following Jim B. on that, approaching fourth week wait, I mean, just how ridiculous this is, it’s quite expensive soft in the end, shouldn’t they care about this stuff? As mentioned in my initial post, this incident seriously puts me off and I will think twice before I upgrade anything next time from them :frowning: For now, I’m trying hard not to think about it when working with their programs

I should add that the Dorico and Cubasis forums seem to have much more moderator assistance to the customer base. Is the unacceptably low level of user assistance limited to Cubase only?

Add to all that the unbelievable level of snark and sometimes outright rudeness on the Cubase forums by moderators! … and it can sometimes seem like an Alice in Wonderland experience dealing with Steinberg as a Cubase customer.

If you bought the wrong licenses you should contact the SB online exclusive dealer asknet.com, with your purchase confirm email. They should give you a refund. The fact that SB doesn’t respond to your tickets is rather galling, since all they need to do (or are even able to do) is send you a link to the asknet website.

Steve, I did, it’s in my initial post, and they sent me back to Steinberg! that was last Tuesday

I’m thinking that maybe Asknet did not actually read your whole message.

If you didn’t do this already, write to asknet again, including the receipt. Don’t refer to any other communication, and say only that you bought the wrong upgrade, that you’re unable to use it, and that you would like a refund.

(BTW, I don’t work for, speak for, or represent Steinberg. I’m a volunteer moderator who has been using Cubase for a very long time.)

With all respect but I don’t buy what you are suggesting: ‘maybe Asknet did not actually read your whole message’ - that would make it even worse, I explained the problem and they should help sort it out, that’s what they’re there for. They should know how to proceed, I’m sure they’ve had similar situations before.
Meanwhile I just sent return request, let’s see where this will take me

Well, I’m just trying a bit of problem-solving, and yeah, I would agree about it making it worse.

Since only Asknet actually delivers refunds, and I’ve seen other threads where people bought a wrong update product, were sent to Asknet, and got their refund, it seemed worth the effort.

appreciate your help Steve

After long battle it ended let’s say well, they let me return the Halion and Sonic updates so I could get AC upgrade.
However it doesn’t change the fact that my initial ticket at Steinberg was completely ignored and they only started replying to me after my complaint to Asknet and at the beginning were less than keen to help me.
In the end all was resolved pretty much in 1 hour, the guy who helped me was replying instantly to my email, just as it should be done from the start, so where those massive delays come from one can only deliberate, perhaps they may try and ignore/postpone problematic for them tickets and discourage people from taking further actions. Saying that, I hope I’m wrong

Great news,

Now if only Steinberg would action my open ticket!
18 days and absolutely NO action.

They must be very busy!!!

maybe try via Asknet

Basically, Steinberg can’t be bothered so I can’t be bothered!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason why they didn’t respond to you yet is because your support ticket made no sense, but we’ll never know until you smart up and just post the issue here.

Asknet has nothing to do with Steinberg, they just sell their products. Don’t bother them with software issues.

I’ve never had an issue with Cubase that the population here couldn’t steer me straight on, I have never needed to open a support ticket because of this… next time, save yourself some anxiety and try it here… there are over 88 thousand registered users here… your odds are pretty good that someone can help.

it wasn’t about the soft technicalities, it was the license issue that only Steinberg could solve and only because of their ignorance I landed here sharing my experience