Terrible distortion in headphones while monitoring mic


I have recently bought a UR44 interface and I use Cubase 9 Elements. I have enabled direct monitoring in Cubase.
When I speak/sing in mic a bit louder, I hear it very distorted in my headphones. The instrumental sounds good so nothing is wrong with the headphones. The recording is also clear and everything is fine when I listen back, there are no peaks over 0 db.
I want to point out that I am not monitoring my voice very loudly just so I can hear myself on the instrumental clearly. I am almost 100% sure that its got something to do with monitoring.
Could you guys help me please?

edit: I have my headphones connected to the dedicated “PHONES 1” headphone outputs on the front side of the UR44.

Use the gain on the UR 44 to adjust the Mic Input Level.

I have a dedicated mic preamp connected to the mic input and I have adjusted the levels on the UR44 and the preamp to have a good signal coming from the mic without hitting 0 db when I sing/rap. As I said, the recording is perfectly fine, there is something wrong with the monitoring, because I hear myself when I speak in the mic very distroted.

Are you accidentially monitoring through one of the amp sim FX coming with DSPmix?

I will check that out as soon as I get home. Until then thanks for the help, svennilenni! :slight_smile: