Terrible Performance Cubase 11 (2021)

I’m starting this new thread because one year after I posted my previous thread complaining about the unacceptable performance of Cubase 11, and without getting any kind of feedback or answer from anyone at Steinberg support, I’m having the same terrible performance and sometimes even worse like it’s being the case now.

With my Macbook Pro 16 i9 I’ve had a vocal recording session with only 5 plugins inserted and the cpu meter peaks at its maximum without a reason, so I’ve not been able to record anything. Needless to say that I’m being completely unable to have the workflow it would be supossed to when mixing and producing because, even though my cpu cores are at around 45%, the Cubase cpu meter peaks constantly and the audio stops.

I’ve made performance tests in Logic Pro X and Studio One and both of them make a much better usage of the cpu cores, being able to reach around 90%.

Is Steinberg going to start to listen to their pro users and take this seriously someday?

After years of reading posts like yours (Cubase mac version performs terrible), i have to conclude that Steinberg is completely deaf or are just not able to fix it.

I stepped over to Reaper long time ago, very lean programmed, amazing performance on mac, but i am still hoping Steinberg will fix the Cubase mac version in the end.

One thing i would propose is deleting everything related to Cubase and do a complete fresh install of Cubase 11.
It could help with a better performance of Cubase on your mac.

-It is nice to know that cubase 11 sort of worked for you, Steinberg has taken my money for an upgrade to cubase 11 from my cubase 10.5. I wish I hadn’t bothered as their crappy elicencer system says that 10.5 is not able to be upgraded. what a rip off.

Same problem here, the upgrade to 10.5 resulted in a big hit in performance, now 11 is almost unuseable on i5 iMac with 16 Gb of RAM. :hot_face: