Terrible Piece Of Software

Im fed up. Ive been a Cubase user for over ten years and enough is enough now! This piece of software is buggy as hell, and theres no excuse for it. Since I have owned Cubase on the Mac it crashes at least once a day. Sometimes when you close a project and open a new project it crashes, often when you load a VSTi, it crashes. Ive now grown accustomed to the application quitting itself out, its just part of how Cubase operates.

But professionally speaking I just dont think the Steinberg designers can justify the cost of the application, £500, thats an enmormous amount of money, you can buy a Mac or studio monitors for that.

Each year they bring out a new version with added features but the company still do not address its basic operating performance. I have no need for these new features, what I do need is that the application continues to run without quitting out half way through a save or I need to reset the machine because Cubase has completely crashed core audio. Im sorry but this is unacceptable, not when they are trying to call this a professional tool.

I dont care wether its Cubase itself that causes the crash, a VSTi or something else, the fact is, this application is unstable and has been since Cubase SX, and I have used it on a multitude of machines and operating systems. For example, I load up Logic, Ableton or Studio One and I can work all day on either system and not experience the crashing that I experience with Cubase.

My thoughts are that each and every application above was written from scratch. I even heard that Apples Logic was completely re-written. Cubase on the other hand feels heavy, like theres code from the beginning of time buried away. When you load a project or quit the application it takes forever.

My advise, stop cheating us by asking us to pay for these shitty yearly iterations. Instead go back to the software and re-write the basic infrastructure and give us a solid working platform we can use to create professional music. I dont care about fancy new features, and I have no interest in the fact Hans Zimmer uses it. Give ME a working piece of software I can rely on!!!


thats absolutely right!!!

But,…hobbyists don`t care, that seems to be the real Problem, as long as everbody pays, nothing changes!

I’m sorry you’re upset. I know how frustrating it can be when your software is not working as expected. However, I’ve not only used those other softwares you mentioned but also been involved in beta testing them before they were released to the public. All softwares have issues, none are immune. Can you explain in detail some of your operating systems, computers, plugins, audio interfaces, etc. that you used with Cubase since you started. You’ve written such a huge blanket statement about Cubase not working that I think you owe it to us your readers here to go into a little more detail. Most of us make our living or at least part of our living using this excellent (in my opinion) software. Steinberg is a great company with knowledgable and caring people who want nothing more than to help you get up and running.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sorry to further prove this point but this is true.

Just giving you an easy example:
Cubase pro 10 crashes when inserting Fabfilter ProQ3 VST3 but Reaper 6 does not crash with this plugin LOL. GG

I used Cubase from sx 3 to 5 and then from 8 to 9.5. Always had crashes.
In 2018 I got sick of handling crashes and moved to Reaper for 60usd. You know what Reaper isnt perfect but if you get a crash same day the top devs reply themselves and ask you more details to solve it now.

I use Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, Live and Waveform on a regular basis, with lots of plug ins. IME, stability is more or less the same. Having tons of or the wrong plug ins will mess with stability.

I like Cubase best(though it is a bit slow, and the GUI is kinda messy). 10.5 is not working properly for the moment, but that will be fixed shortly, I presume.

10.0.50 is quite usable on my macOS10.14.6 system. It will crash every now and then(not daily, btw), but no showstoppers. I can do projects from start to finish in a reasonable amount of time.

To put this into perspective, in the 40 years I’ve been recording music I’ve had more serious trouble with taperecorders and analog equipment than with DAW’s.

If you are not happy, change your provider, change your software.

There are choices. We all can chose our way to happiness.

Good luck. In Vienna we say “baba und foi ned” ;o)

No offence, but you have 9 posts here - how much trouble shooting have you done?

Have you emailed tech support?

Cubase is a vastly more complicated and deep program than most DAWs. You customize Cubase/Nuendo for your type of work and production - not many DAWs have that concept.

You can’t rewrite a program and have it be compatible with previous versions.

First and foremost, I would recommend switching to PC. It has always been more stable for me and less prone to going wonky after an update. It seems every time a Mac has an OS update nothing is compatible anymore.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

That’s why I have all sides covered…

Yep , this happens to me as well, Izotope plugins also totally freeze, Ozone 9 just crashes …Always have to restart Cubase…a serious pain in the ass

Studio One never has these many stuff ups on an update/Upgrade. Sure , Cubase is a much deeper program, but in the playing field its all about workflow and having these interruptions are not great for bussiness . I hope Cubase gets these issues sorted soon

I have Studio one, FL, Logic, Reaper, Ableton since i teach EDM. Cubase is the most stable DAW out of all. All DAWs crash on my mac but Cubase rarely crashes.I had issue with Halion5 that was crashing Cubase a lot but after upgrading to Halion 6 , no more crashes. Cubase is my main DAW and My preference is not based on Hans zimmer or any producer’s endorsement but based on my experience with all DAWs. But this may be different for others, just remember make music and mix it, whatever DAW you choose.

Excepting the fact that Cubase 10 crashes too, a lot more rarely, I agree, my question is: How long until 10.5 gets an update with bug fixes? Both fabfilter and ozone plugins crash like crazy. If by any chance I’m running a second plugin beside a fabfilter eq it results in instant crash! How long? I’m lucky that I’ve got version 10 and I can finish my projects, but there are people that bought 10.5 full version! How long is Steinberg going to keep the people that bought 10.5 until it becomes usable?
I’m running on OSX High Sierra, btw