Terrible Static Sound (Pop) When Switching Sounds

I have deactivated my built in windows audio card already and only have the Steinberg UR824 available when using Cubase. I have experience a terrible loud static pop sound when changing between sounds in Padshop, and for that matter, in Halion 4 too. It does not occur every time, but it is not a good thing to hear when you are recording live.

It seems to help once I audition the sound first and then if I switch back to the others there is no popping. I use one instance of Padshop and simply bus the audio to a track to record in our live sets.

My setup is Intel Core I-7 with 16gb of ram and 7200 rpm hard drive on ASUS laptop.

Anyone found a fix for this?


The fix for me was to record in 16bit not 24bit file format. Every time 24bit was enabled it would cause the static pops, with 16bit it did not occur. This fix worked for both Cubase 6 and 7 … Gary

Would a Steinberg tech answer this? Is this static click a bug within Cubase or Padshop when using 24bit for recording? I really would like to record at 24bit and not use the 16bit just to avoid the loud static.

Thank you for answering. Gary