Terrifying bug in C7.5 (loud noise burst in audio)

This is a terrifying bug. It can cause permanent damage to hearing if you’re playing at even a moderate volume.

I record a sample in Edison - it plays fine in Edison. Then I import it in an audio track in Cubase, bounce it, then shrink it using the Elastique - Tape algorithm. Then I crop it and mute a certain section. When I play it back, it plays an extremely loud burst of white noise near the end.

There are no plugins in this audio track, no sends - only a low cut and EQ using built-in channel strip. It is solo’ed.

Rendered file - WARNING - PLAY AT VERY LOW VOLUME!! The built-in audio meters CLIP to max when it plays the loud noise.

Rendered - https://ufile.io/lk82j

Actual file - https://ufile.io/nmra0