Test macOS sierra MR816 doesn't work

I,am testing the MR816 and the mr816 doesn’t work with the new macOS Sierra.

I wouldn’t expect it to. Our last update for the MR was DEC 2015.

Do you have any idea when mr 816 x software will be updated to work with sierra?

Do you have any idea when mr 816 x software will be updated to work with sierra?

Sierra Issue.

Last update was December 2015. Does this mean the MR816 is obsolete?

Just saw that yamaha released a working fw driver for macos sierra (mr816 is on the list).
Steinberg has yet to update it’s site.
Anyone want to give it a try?


Driver working fine in my machine running 10.10.5 . But i’m not upgrading OS yet.

Saw that steinberg referred to this driver as well.
Updated my mac.
Upated the fw driver.
Everything works

I ran the uninstaller first here to wipe the FW driver, restarted, installed the new FW Driver, restarted.
Upgraded to Sierra, restarted.

All good here with Cubase, Logics, StudioOne and system sound. No issues

With version of the driver are you using? The “New” version appears to be the same as that which came with Tools for MR about a year ago. At least they have the same version number; 1.7.5!

The new version has an updated fw driver, the mr console and cubase integration is the same. If you would read the release notes you will see it says MR CONSOLE UPDATE IN THE FUTURE

If it’s an updated driver, why does it have the same version number as the old one? Updated software usually has a higher version number! Can we, maybe, expect Cubase Pro 8.5 to be released in December, this year?

If so, I’ll dig out last year’s cancelled check to buy it! :sunglasses:

Am I the only one that can read a release??

TOOLS FOR MR V1.7.7 for Mac has the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver V1.7.4

New FW Driver is 1.7.5, rest of the software, AS I SAID is the SAME!!, FW Driver is NEW!!! :open_mouth:

Perhaps you should learn to read Cubases Plugin Information under the Devices menu. The version installed with TOOLS for MR v.1.7.7 is clearly 1.7.5! Not 1.7.4!

We are taking about the FW driver are we not?? It is in fact 1.7.5. I see what you are saying now the MR Extension is the SAME number as before. So the TOOLS has been updated with working FW Driver for Sierra but the rest is the SAME. the TOOLS includes : 1. FW Driver 2. MR Editor 3. MR Extension for controlling the MR from Cubase. ( I don’t use the Extension BTW since I use other DAWS)

From the release it looks like they will update the FW Driver but maybe didn’t change the number?? and the MR Editor and MR Extension versions will be nextnext.

I dont dig the way they do the versions on this btw, it gets confusing as they will just update the software with the SAME version number. MOTU is guilty of that as well.

My FW Driver is 1.7.5 here, do you need a screen shot for proof? We are talking about two diff things here. Im talking about the driver ONLY and you are talking about the MR Extension, BUT, they may have in fact updated the FW driver only here but NOT changed the number

Your MR Extension number 1.7.5 was the same in 1.7.6 as well, it has not changed at all nor has the MR editor it has been 1.6.4 on the current and previous version.

All that said, are you having any issues with the MR Extension inside of Cubase? The FW driver and MR Console are working fine here on Sierra.

I ,for one ,think the MR Console and Mr Extension need an overhaul
FW Driver Version.jpeg

Thanx Shanabit. I see your point now as well. I really wish that wouldn’t use their version numbers in such a confusing way. Just look at The Grand, and their other instruments, where one and the same version can have several version numbers at the same time.

I dont understand the naming conventions for software releases.

Why cant they just calle it FW Driver 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, FW Driver 2.0 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc. No we have to have THREE numbers to represent a driver that will probably never get more than 5 updates through its cycle.
WHich leaves me with this: FW Driver 1, FW Driver 2 etc. Same with Cubase, its stupid

So, is the final word here:

  1. remove current driver (use the uninstaller + restart)
  2. install ‘latest’ driver from here:
    (even though it appears to be the same driver)
  3. restart computer and io device
  4. get back to work


I know it seems overkill, but as a software developer - I assure you it is with good reason. And in short, it doesn’t matter -that’s just how it is.


There are many reasons. One is that there is likely a repository with a history, and each meaningful change has a release number. As they move forward they discover new edge cases and add to the code. The driver may also need to work along side other pieces of software that need to be aware of each other’s version so that they may work together properly. It’s also just the convention so that everyone is on the same page. My problem at first was thinking that 1.2.12 was “less” than 1.2.7 — but 12 is clearly bigger than 7.

While in initial development the version is 0.0.1+ etc. Version 1 is an official reliable public release. 1.0.0 - then it builds up in little parts 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 until it gets to an important state where a large problem or feature is complete and then can bump to 1.1.0 etc.

In this case it is at 1.9.10

I think that the version number shouldn’t matter very much and what we really want is a better named / organized driver.pkg and explanation of when and how to use them.

  • Sierra: driver.pkg (not tested) (not passing)
  • Yosemite: driver.pkg (latest release: Dec 2015)
  • Snow leopard: driver.pkg (latest release: Some date)


  • I believe that they DID fix this driver but did not change the version number or alert us that it has been adjusted.

Anyway, don’t let it get you down. It’s just a number - and although it seems annoying, it would be more annoying if it was named something else.