Just checking If I can post here!



So it looks like us Nuendo guys cannot post over on the Cubase forums…shame really.

I agree. Since I have both I can. I can only imagine being limited to discussions in Nuendo forums. They can be really dead for extended periods of time and I always found Cubase.net a lot fun to be a part of. Some really fun people there.

It seems clicking a wrong button in my steinberg erases your profile!

I wasn’t guested!

Testing 1 2 3

Always been curious about Wavelab here, so it might be nice to be able to go there & post some questions. Anyway, off to edit my profile!

Testing 1,2,3

we shall see about this ‘new place’

Test. :astonished: :open_mouth:

testing … 1 … 2 … 3

This is by far the most serious Nuendo forum I’ve ever seen.

Just one question: Is Test, One, Two, Test a new Nuendo feature? :smiling_imp:

Testing quote!

We lack the popcorn emoticon …

Testing quote from Nuendo\Save As\Forum Post.

(As I thought: It doesn’t work. Maybe it’s under Nuendo\Export\New Thread…)

Yep it works Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks good so far but pretty quiet.

So, if we are not allowed to post in the Cubase forum where the party is going on, does that mean Nuendo is not downwards compatible to Cubase anymore…? :wink:

Testing indeed.

My profile page said I could only post in cubase forums - although I have both cbase and nuendo licenses registered. As it happens, it is letting me post anyway. Still a few bugs to iron out.

Looking forward to seeing how this forum develops.

Cheers! Brendan (aka colonynofi from the old forums)

Check …Check …Check :laughing:

Greetings all…

Great to see a new forum.
I’d also like to see Nuendo users have rights to the Cubase forums. Cutting us off from that seems a large disservice both for users there and us here.

In fact, if you are a Steinberg customer of Wavelab, Nuendo or Cubaes these forums should be open to you. You paid to support Steinberg and should have access to all of this info.

Just my .02.

New forums look great, but lets get the doors open shall we?