Testfish "Dreams"

I’m up to visualize old song from my former band “Testfish”
This is the last result…

Recording was …errrm… 2005…maybe… :unamused:

Last processing with C5 …and whole a lot of Comps/Delays/Stereos…ect… YKWIM :mrgreen:


Thanx for listening n hope you’ll enjoy it… :wink:

Hey Roger, cool tune. Only nit would be midrange missing from the low end, making things kinda muddy. Keep up the good work, my friend. :sunglasses:

Hiya Roger. Sounds like too much compression on this. The guitars don’t sound too good. Either due to the processing or tuning. The overall mix is too blurred, lacks definition. There’s a definite clash with the cymbals and the upper frequencies of the guitars. Bit more eq possibly.

Great song though, love it :sunglasses: