Testing and Support for different versions of Dorico

Is there a way to force Dorico Pro to think it is Elements or SE?

If so, I haven’t found it yet, and it more or less makes the rest of this post null…no reason to read anymore.

There are times when I’d like to simulate the environment that students and clients not running Pro will face.

I’d like to confirm how scores, plugins, presets, expression maps, instrument templates, etc. play for these people. I’ll need to be able to run tests and such as I set up course system requirements. I.E. A certain plugin for dealing with brass bands, extended woodwinds, world instruments, marching percussion, etc. In many cases, I’ll build instrument sets myself, in HSSE formats where all they must do is double click the library and it’s installed. Question is, will their scores be able to use any of it?

I tried downloading Elements, but it appears the be the same thing as Pro, my elicenser key, and instrument content packs are just different?

I looked around in preferences, and did see where I can I choose the Basic HSSE instrument setup so HSO content is ignored upon setting up players/sections, but the list of available expression maps and all is the same.

I’m not sure what content packs come with the different versions, and which do not. Same for the mixer plugins and so forth.

If there’s not a way to lock it down so it behaves like Elements or SE for comparisons and testing, there are some more specific things I’d like to know that are not clear in simply looking at the ‘compare editions table’.

Yes, I’ll go grab the manuals and have a look for myself…but for the sake of journaling in a discussion that might help the user-base here on the forum…the immediate questions I’ll be sorting are…

  1. Can Elements and SE users edit and apply their own expression maps? What happens if they get a score made in Pro that has a bunch of custom ones? Any best practices for setting up an environment that we know will carry over to the Elements or SE user with very predictable results on their end (preferably where they don’t have to reset and fiddle with things to get it playing pretty close to exactly how the Pro user had it set up before sharing)?

  2. Do they get full access to the same play mode tab, with cc lanes, ability to load alternative plugins and set endpoints, etc? (want to know for teaching and collaboration purposes).

  3. Can they edit existing, or make new interpretive score techniques? I see where the list says these things might be ‘fixed’ in Elements in SE, but what happens if I send them a score made in Pro that has customized ones?

  4. Can they use custom instrument templates? Maybe they can’t ‘build them’ but can they be made in Pro, and imported somehow?

Yep. On Windows, immediately after double-clicking on the Dorico Pro icon, hold down Ctrl to run it as SE, or hold down Alt to run it as Elements.

Yes, all versions of Dorico are the “same.” The licenser determines which mode of Dorico gets launched.


Thanks so much.

Oh, one thing that’s almost impossible for Dorico roll back with a key-press is the HALion content packs that’ll still show up, and installed Steinberg mixing-rack plugins.

Am I correct in assuming that both Elements and SE come with:
HSSE2 Basic Set
HSSE2 Artist Set
HSSE2 Pro Set

Are the mixer insert plugins the same as for Pro?

Yes, all flavours of Dorico come with the full set of HSSE factory content and the same VST effects plug-ins.