Testing Expression Maps

I’m in the process of creating a project in which I can test any expression maps I’m working on. Maybe others already have such test projects in which case it would be great if you could share them. Having studied an old posting in this forum on the subject of creating expression maps I’ve realised that if I want to properly test all the different articulations in a new map I need a project that explores different note lengths, different dynamic levels and so on. A kind of testing template if you will.


I think I’ve answered my own question in a way. While working with Berlin Con Sordino Strings it proved easier to simply experiment with notes in Write mode and move the same notes to different instruments so I’m not sure that having a dedicated test project would help very much. The first time you start using any sample library you’re going to test them this way and once you’ve discovered the best note conditions you’ll simply use them on other projects.