Testperiod Key for Dorico 4 Pro

Question: I can only use one Dorico demo key in the Steinberg Activation Manager right?

I already had a trial period and was offered another key as part of a training course that can also be activated, but it only ever starts my Dorico Elements 4 version.
Or am I doing something wrong?

It’s my understanding that a trial per account is the max… Should you need another trial, a new account should be created. Maybe someone from Steinberg could confirm this?

My problem is that I now bought the Dorico Pro 4 License and even though I activated the license, neither Dorico 4 Elements nor the Dorico Pro 4 version starts. There is only one message from the Activation Manager - Buy the Application

Ok. I suppose someone from the team will come back to you, to guide you through the process to get your Dorico 4 pro up and running — they always do!

Well, nothing is going on. I also opend up a Ticket over the support channel but no one is interested to get a customer with Pro version to get it up and running. I read through the forums yesterday evening but it seems that there is no solution for this case. I think the expired Trial Lizense of Dorico Pro 4 is preventing that my already activated License can start working.

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. It’s a very busy week for our support team because of the release of Cubase 12 this past Wednesday. I’ve also been very busy and haven’t had as much time to visit the forum as I ordinarily would.

In any case, I’ve now sorted out your licenses, so if you run Steinberg Activation Manager (make sure you’re running version 1.2, which was released at the start of this week) and click the Refresh button in the top right-hand corner, your permanent Dorico 4 license should appear as expected.


Hi Daniel,
thank you for the quick help. I’m sure you’ve been very busy with the Cubase 12 release. The Activation Manager now shows the correct licenses and both Cubase Pro 12 and Dorico Pro 4 now run correctly on my machine. I wish you a nice and relaxing weekend!

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Glad to know I was right ^^

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Thank you for your support!
Have a nice weekend