Text aligned to end of bar / system

I feel like I may have asked this before or read a discussion on it, but I can’t find anything.

I want right aligned text but without having to either a) place it on the first beat of the next bar and right align it, as I need to manually move them for each instrumental part depending on how the system breaks align, or b) placing it on the final hemi-demi-semi-etc-quaver because then the multi rest breaks. Not possible for now? Possible in the future? (Possible tomorrow? :slight_smile: )

This might work:

Put in a time signature at the start of the system. Click on the time signature. Press shift-X to enter text. Type “Little baby quiches.” Select the text in Engrave mode. Drag it across to where you want it. Hide the time signature.

I don’t think I need to add a time signature to do that, I can just insert the text at the beginning of the vamp. But yes I certainly could do that, but that’s basically the same problem as putting on the following bar - I’m trying to avoid having to manually place text on every vamp, for every part, for every number in this show if possible.

There’s an option for the start of the system, but not for the end of the system as far as I can recall, I’m afraid.

I feared that might be the case. Ah well, consider this a feature request for right aligned text on a barline if I haven’t made it already :slight_smile:

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The only text that aligns that way are DC and DS repeat structures. If you aren’t using any of those, you could put in a Fine and set custom text in the Properties Panel. Then format the text in Engrave > Paragraph Styles.

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Unfortunately I am, I’m using them for Segue and Attacca text which is formatted bold and below the stave. Good thought though!

I have recently been using the line tool to put a horizontal bracket over vamps and safeties. I thought this might serve your purpose if I set the Line Body Style to “none,” but that removes the text as well.

I’d make a feature request to allow one to set a line style at None but keep the text, but that would only be a work-around for a different situation (the one you mention) and rather than creating a feature just as a work-around, the Dorico Team might just as well make a feature to place the text without the line.

I had a go at this just then, it works pretty well with some caveats. I could remove the line by creating a new Line Body Style and set the line width to 0. At first glance it looks like it’s working however:

• Collision avoidance is still active for where the line is, so sometimes the text is higher than it should be, and other items are avoiding the invisible line as well (like my Vamp text). I can turn of collision avoidance for it but then we start getting into the “might as well just do it all manually” territory as it just introduces different issues.
• A line still breaks multi-rests.
• There are no “system lines” so I have to copy it to each staff and then hide all but the top staff in the full score.

Using the ALT key (on a PC) can make the line a System Object.
I see what you mean about the measures under the line not being multi-measure rests.

Well you learn something new everyday… also seems to have solved the breaking multi-rest issue, so I’m two steps closer! Thanks for your help!

p.s. Lillie, if you’re reading this, I tried searching the documentation for “System Lines” but I couldn’t find anything that mentioned them. I’m also shocking at finding things right under my nose so I might have missed it, but just something to be aware of in case it is a little tricky to find. :slight_smile:

edit: just found it as a bullet point under “System objects”, but not on any pages about lines.

It’s in the final step of inputting horizontal lines, similar to how we present the options for all staves/single staves for other notations like time signatures. I’ve made a note to look at adding a sentence to the main concept to refer to this, like how we do for other notations (Edit: I’ve actually already done this :wink: so there we go).

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This brings me back to a post I made recently about the behaviour when overriding line text, in that if I create a default “right aligned text” line and override the text, the text gets placed in the centre of the line again, and I have to override the the text placement and start/end gap properties.

The alignment of text – be it right or left – is in my humble opinion one of the major lacks of Dorico and it was in many different discussions. But hey, I keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow …
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: (I do it with both of my hands but there’s no left hand emoji (here comes the outcry of all the lefties!).)

In what way? I would say in this case the missing functionality is aligning to the barline at the end of a bar.

Yes, that would be great too! But I meant page alignment of text. But let’s wait and see this afternoon …

If we’re able to align to the end of a bar, then you get end of system alignment for free! Just with more flexibility, for example:

That’s true if you look for the right side and it would be enough, but for the left side, lots of us would like the page margin as reference too (global markings, section markings or even tempo markings, …), similar too your rehearsal mark (37), but more flexible.

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But you can at least align staff and system text with the system start, so anything you can make and fake in paragraph styles you can left align.

(yes, andante q = 140…)

true again, but alas not to the blue page margin … (what I would prefer even with tempo marks …. see those real books f.e.)