Text Alignment (Guides)

Thank you for introducing the guides in Dorico 4 (I believe). They have proven to be incredibly helpful, although there is still a need for eyeballing and squinting.

Currently, the guides are limited to within a single page. However, there are often situations where aligning text across pages becomes necessary. Therefore, I would like to request a feature enhancement: it would be wonderful if the alignment guides could extend across pages.

This enhancement would greatly improve the overall usability and efficiency of Dorico, allowing users to achieve seamless alignment and consistency throughout their projects. Thank you for considering this suggestion!


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The crosshairs that selected items show aren’t really a proper substitute for guides, which we would like to add in future.


Thanks for sharing the info. It’s great to know!

Nonetheless, the crosshairs are very helpful, and it would be great to see them on more items.