Text alignment update?

In this example, the two items of tempo text are closely related and should be horizontally aligned if practical. Is there yet a way to automate this or have it aligned by default? It’s puzzling to me that they don’t, since there is no collision avoidance issue, and the Y values of each are zero.

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. I have searched, and come across threads I have read before, but found no answer.

My first thought is that I am surprised Dorico did this, and I would like to see the rest of the second measure.

Could you post a Dorico file containing just those two or three measures to help us investigate the situation? You can make the file size even smaller by setting its Playback Template to silence, since the audio output is, in this context, not important.

Does the “molto rit” actually reach the downbeat of bar 24 rhythmically, ie in Write mode? If it does, it should align with the Tempo primo automatically. It looks like it might end a semiquaver/16th note before the start of the new bar.

Otherwise, check for offsets in Engrave mode that mean they’re being positioned away from their defaults already.

Thanks for your reply, Derrek. Here’s a little more context:
Annotation 2023-04-22 115433

I’ve attached a Dorico file in which I’ve trimmed away the rest of the music. The behaviour is still displayed, although the displacement is now greater, and the proximity of “Tempo primo” to the slur in that bar might be assumed to an issue - although the extension line of the “molto rit.” has no problem with the accent below.
Trois Pieces - Boulanger - EXCERPT.dorico (643.4 KB)

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It was actually a demisemiquaver! Thank you Lillie, problem solved.