Text and chords?

Where are the text and chord symbol editors in Dorico 5? They are not in the column at the right. ??

Thanks, Lynette

Hi @Lynette_Westendorf and welcome to the Forum!

To edit created Staff- or System-attached text, just select it and press enter (or double-click): it will open the editor near the text with many options. You can also create or edit Font Styles and Paragraph Styles from the Library menu, that you can then apply to the created text, in the editor or, for Paragraph Styles: select the text>right click>Text>Change Paragraph Style…

Other “text” that can be found in dynamic markings, or Playback Techniques, or Lines, or tempo markings etc. can be edited in the corresponding properties panel (that will show the properties applicable to what you have selected), or can be changed globally in the Engraving Options or in the other corresponding options contained in the library menu.

Remember generally that Dorico “thinks” semantically: so a crescendo text (Dynamic) is very different to a ritardando text (Gradual Tempo)…

To change a Chord Symbol directly just double click on it (and you can change it in the popover)
If you select text or chord symbols (or any other item), you can see and change their properties/overrides in the Properties Panel, that you can open clicking on the little arrow in the lower part of the window, or with common(control)+8

To edit the appearance of text and chord symbols globally you can change their options in menu Library: Engraving Options/Text & Engraving Options/Chord Symbols

And also in the Library menu under Chord Symbols… you have a chord symbols appearance editor.

You can find other global options in Note Input options (also from the Library menu)

If you have a specific question on how to do a particle thing, feel free to ask.

I think the quick explanation for this question is: In Dorico 5, the right zone now offers either panels or popovers, like the iPad version. It defaults to panels; click the keyboard icon at the top to show all the popovers that we’re used to from before. See the documentation for this here.

Hi, I have updated to 5.1.32 and I can now edit the font. I still can produce a crash by using the Library editing you suggested but I’ll just leave that alone.

I hope I’m using this forum appropriately.

Thanks, Lynette