Text Annotations inconsistent behavior

I made some text annotations of circled text to be placed on a line.
It works perfectly for number 1-4 but then Dorico just ignores me.
Notice what happens when I press anything above 4.
What’s going on?

Can you attach the project in which you’ve created these annotations so we can take a look? I know it’s a bore and I’m always repeating this, but it’s much easier for us to help if you provide a project file rather than a picture or even a video. Thanks!

Of course! Thanks!

Concave_convex.dorico (1.3 MB)

Here you go, Michael. The problem was caused by the specific characters you are using for the circled numbers. They were ending up being used by the internal identifiers that Dorico creates for the line annotations, and because they have unusual code points (I didn’t look into the detail of exactly what is unusual about them) this was causing a problem with the encoding of these identifiers. I’ve fixed them up manually and have attached a fixed version of your project.

Concave_convex.dorico (1.8 MB)

Thanks Daniel!
Can you briefly explain how I could avoid something like this happening in the future or provide some best practices?

What I was trying to do is have a circled number appear in the middle of the bar and appear in every part.

To that extent I create “invisible” system lines, with a centered annotation of a circled number as text.

Can you think of a better way to achieve something of the sort?

There’s always How would you number repeated bars for the performer - #9 by pianoleo
Then use bar repeat regions (and set Engraving Options > Bar Repeats to show the number every bar, bracketed).

COOL!! However, not exactly what I’m going for. I will definitely use this hack though for other stuff

In other words, could you explain how I could apply the “manual” fix myself so that in the future I wouldn’t have to rely on you?

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No, I can’t, unfortunately. The fix had to be made by decompiling the project and editing it by hand, then recompiling it. I’ve never seen this problem before, so it’s not something that we specifically guard against when Dorico creates the internal identifiers it uses to keep track of the things you create.

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I see. Oh well. This is useful nevertheless. Thanks!