Text Applications

Daniel, I love the new software, and I look forward to the many updates that address us users in the coming months. I see the potential with Dorico as it expands, and I intend on making it my “go-to” notation software. :smiley:

I find a few bugs in the text applications; specifically when editing the tempo text. I am unable to enter, for example, Molto Andante, as the tempo text. Dorico continues to revert to its default, Andante.

  1. Font scrolling should offer users the option of typing the font name they wish to use.

  2. Titles and Subtitles seem to be compromised by the software. For example, if I set the work title font (Flow title) at size 20, Dorico will re-adjust it to its default size. Perhaps I am overlooking something to override this.

  3. Subtitles and secondary lines for Titles/Flow and Composer designations are made invisible after their input.
    These issues may not be prevalent in Mac, but I am encountering these issues in windows.

  4. Aside from the issues regarding text, I am unable to add other instruments into dorico’s Play windo. For example, the East/West Play engine is not recognized.

  5. Also, I do not hear ANY playback when in Play mode. However, I do get sound when I test the Halion engine or Kontakt engine.

Any suggestions?

  1. The Tempo popover will be somewhat relaxed in terms of what it allows in the first post-release update; for now, you can override the text after you create a tempo using the ‘Text’ field in Properties when you have your tempo selected.

  2. You will be able to hop to a font in the font menu using the keyboard in the first post-release update.

  3. Have you tried updating the various paragraph styles in Engrave > Paragraph Styles?

  4. EW Play is a VST2.x instrument and as such is not currently loaded by Dorico by default – see this thread for help with that.

  5. Try Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments to see if that kicks playback into life.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much!!!