Text blocks vertical and horizontal spacing

Dear all,

I am wondering about the horizontal and vertical spacing of text blocks:

  • horizontal: when there is a larger chunk of text, say as a recitative in a given bar – is there a way for the text box to affect the bar width? Something like avoid collisions but in the horizontal dimension also?

  • vertical: similar problem but not so confusing, for example:

    Would there be a general procedure to avoid such mess? Maybe I am missing something as it keeps reappearing…

Related to this is the following thing. The excerpt above is from an opera and I will need a single staff, which will contain vocal lines and dialogues from all vocalists. In the scenario above, I mostly entered them as text boxes attached to a notehead with the line showing the duration. Each part will have two staves, one with the condensed voices so each player can follow the whole time, other with the music for the actual player. The cue function as far as I know does not take into account the text… As it is a larger score, I am concerned about the horizontal spacing – if the horizontal adjustments are to be done manually, is there a way to transfer them from the full score to the parts so that the text fits into the given measures? How would you go about this vocal/text condensing? I hope my lengthy explanation makes it clear, thanks for reading!

I would be happy for any suggestions.

Kind regards,