Text Box (Frame) Doesn't Work

I want to add a subtitle in a smaller font under the main title. I added an additional text box as you can see in the image, but I am unable to add text. Any clicking or double-clicking just puts me in edit mode for the main title.

I really do not understand the concept here.

Update: I was able to add a subtitle in a smaller font under the main title and move things around, but I would still like to understand why I can’t get text in that box I added.


Try selecting one of the sides of the frame and hitting Enter.

The reason you can’t get into it by double clicking is that there’s a larger frame that surrounds the entirety of the smaller frame, and Dorico doesn’t know that you’re trying to select the smaller frame.


Thanks. I’ll try that.

Remember that shift-alt-click allows obe to cycle through the clickable items. Kind of useful in this kind of situation.


Two other tips…

  1. When you first create the text box, your very next thing to do is press RETURN if you want to start adding text.

  2. If you know you are going to place a text box on top of a previous text box, temporarily create the new one in a different location away from the first and after entering your text, drag it to the correct location afterwards. (It’s helpful to be zoomed out initially).

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