Text box woes

I’m trying to do the registration page for an organ piece and there are 2 issues here: How do I put a border around the A and why did the font suddenly change from bold to regular(and I can’t find any way to change it back)? Thanks

The border around the A, if the A is within the same text frame as the rest, will best be achieved through the font itself. MusGlyphs does boxed letters, as do some other fonts.

The bold-to-regular is a known regression that is being fixed soon, I believe.

Thanks for the reply Dan will play around with your suggestions. Hope the font problem gets fixed soon.

Figured out a work around for the bordered text but now I have a new problem. Not only did my font change from bold to regular, it’s changed subsequent entries to a different font. Checking the text font in engrave mode it shows academico but that’s not what I’m getting and I can’t see a way to change that.