Text boxes in 2.2.10

I’ve tried adding some extra verses to a hymn in text boxes below my music in engrave mode. The problem is that the text boxes are now only allowing me to have only one font size. Because there are no options for “space before paragraph” options, I need, due to space constraints, to put a small paragraph break via a carriage return at size 4. While editing, I can change the size to 4, hit carriage return, change my font back to size 10 and keep typing and things look correct. As soon as I click out of the box, the space suddenly jumps up to size 12 font and I can’t prevent it. Or override it. This is a brand-new project from scratch in 2.2.10.

This works OK for me. After you put in your carriage return, make sure you also type a single space character, and select that in order to change the point size. You can’t change the point size of a paragraph that has no content, but a space is sufficient content to allow a change of point size to stick.

Adding a single space character was enough to solve the issue. Thanks.