TEXT BUG - Borders property causing hiding and extra wide vertical spacing

Ok, so I’m definitely a bit of a dum dum here. I wrote some text, I only wanted it in the score and not the part. So, in the part, I hid it, except I accidentally had “global” turned on, so now it’s hidden in the score as well.

I have text signposts visible, but I do not see any text signpost at the location. And, to boot, any NEW text I generate in that region, ALSO immediately disappears. I have no idea how that’s happening.

If you take the text I have in the file, and drag them over the first note, they’ll disappear. If you drag far enough to the right, to get past the last note, it’ll come back.

If you type anything directly into this void region, they’ll disappear as soon as you exit the text editing. I don’t see any signposts for anything, so presumably I’ve got several dumps of text all hidden on top of each other at this point.
text hiding problem.dorico (1.8 MB)

Is this what you’re looking for? I cannot find any other text…
Capture d’écran 2023-06-14 à 21.13.35
There seems to be something weird about the border…

Yes! How did you get them all to show up again? Ha, you can see all my attempts to type it in, pretty goofy.

I disabled the properties that show enclosed in the red rectangle :wink:
In any case, reading your post, I thought : “ok, select all, filter text”. And there it is.

I just did that with the text I could see, but that’s not affecting the invisible text?

AH! Select all>Filter Text. Brilliant! I was like “ok but HOW do I select the text to turn off the border??”

I think the *** is because of different texts having different borders. Which, in this stripped down section, is likely due to at least one of them having a border and the others having none.

You can also select the text you see and press select more (cmd-shift-A) three times to select all the text in the flow. My 2c.

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So this is definitely a bug. I wiped out all the extraneous text and got back to the original one I meant to have. And if I toggle the border on and off, it disappears the second border is engaged.

Nice catch!

hooo I found some more weirdness now. If I drag the text outside the area where it gets hidden, and then engage the border, it doesn’t hide it - but it DOES place it between the divisi staves, and creates a huge amount of excess vertical white space (likely something tripping out the collision avoidance system). Some really bizarre stuff going on here!