Text: chaining and more IDs in the future?

I really like the ID concept (the whole {@flowTitle@} concept). I am in the process of writing a small book of songs where I plan on using the same format for each song. THere is a lot of text and descriptions, etc, and those sections will be duplicated (with different content) for every song. It would be great if we could create our own IDs and populate the flows with the content and just use the ID placeholders. Is this on the roadmap?

Also, is it on the roadmap to be able to then chain text so that if we create a template and the text is enough so that it overflows that it would do it automatically?

If these existed I could easily imagine being able to just create a single template that work for my whole book. That sure would be nice!

Yes, both of these things are in our plans for future versions.

When it becomes possible to define tokens it would be useful to be able to include (other) tokens within the defined text.

Great news! Any idea if this is in a near update or is it far down the road?

All I can say at this point is that it’s not going to be in the next update.