Text color on clips in project window

Is there a way to change the color of the text nametags displayed on audioclips in the project window?
Currently text is the same color as the waveforms (black or dark-gray), so most of the time it’s just invisible. I wouldn’t think this could be the norm, but I can’t find anything in the docs or preferences about changing it.



I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Is “+1” some kind of instruction, or are you adding yourself to the list of people who’d like to know how to do this?

No, you just ordered a dish washer…


You can’t change text color.

I ask the Steinberg GUI guru to allow us to choose text color 2 years ago.
I doubt that will EVER happen.
You must be using Cubase to have Black text.
In N3 the text is white. Which makes it even harder to read.
Has text color changed between N3 and N5 ?

Dave, can we PLEASE have user selectable text coloring in events?