Text colour

Yay we have upgraded to Nuendo 7. All going great.

Although we have changed our colour scheme, to resemble Nuendo 5.5 (where we upgraded from).
A white background in the project window. Great…except, the information that is displayed when fade,trimming or moving… is also white. Very hard to read white on white.

I know we could change our background colour, but I don’t want to. Anyone know if text/font colour can changed, cant see anything in the prefs.

No you can’t change the color. The event name color should change depending on the color of your event and your event display preferences. It’d be helpful if you could post a screenshot of what your display looks like as there are some options which should let you continue to use a white background.

Attached is my color scheme.

Same here. All my Guitar events are in yellow since years, from dark (rhytm guit) to bright (acoustic guit). It’s very difficult to set/see a fade or event volume, because it’s white …
My workaround: I have a shortkey (F7) to set events in transparent mod.

Thanks for that, very much a lights off approach.
Here is our view.
As you can see white on white pretty useless. And our colour prefs.

The ‘White on White’ issue - should be fixed for you in your (Nuendo) version of the Cubase v8.0.30 update, where it was also a problem. I’ve just had it confirmed that all is now well there.


Great news.