Text Disappears on Highlight (Bug?)

Hi all,

I’m experiencing a weird bug.

While editing staff text, any characters that I highlight become invisible.
I can still edit highlighted text, deleting characters or changing font styles, but I can’t see the results until I un-highlight the selection.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new empty project.
  2. Add an instrument.
  3. Command+2 to enter Write Mode.
  4. Click to select staff
  5. Shift+X to add text.
  6. Write something.
  7. Highlight text to watch it disappear. Un-highlight it to see it again.
    I’ve attached a sample project file which has this problem for me.
    Highlighted Text Bug.dorico.zip (437 KB)

I’ve just tried your file on both my computers (one Windows, one Mac) and I can’t reproduce the problem. I noticed that the highlight is a darkish blue on Windows and a darkish grey on Mac, which got me thinking - I’ve just had a rummage within the Mac’s (OS) System Preferences > General, and Dorico basically respects what’s set there.

With all of that in mind, what operating system are you running? Do you have odd brightness or contrast settings for your screen? Have you set anything within the operating system’s preferences for this sort of stuff?

Thanks for your help, pianoleo! Your instincts were spot on.

The problem occurs only when I’m in Dark Mode and my accent color is set to Gray, which has been my default for a long time.
I am (unfortunately) running Catalina and I guess Apple made some change that has upset Dorico in this one case.

Thanks for your help!

If memory serves, we’ve made a change in this area recently to the way these highlights are styled, so it might be that this will look different in the next update.