Text editor font window not showing up

I added a blank page to the end of my document, so I could write verses on the last page. That worked great, but now I want to change the font.

The window that has fonts, italics, bold, etc. is not showing up, either in Write or Engrave. I can double click the mouse to select and edit the words, but not increase the font size. Am I doing something wrong?

Note that I restarted Dorico (but not my computer), but that didn’t change behaviour.

Are you sure the entire page is in the viewing window? There’s a known issue in which the editor fails to appear on screen if part of the page is off-screen when you double-click.

Try zooming out before double-clicking?

If not in this latest version, at least in earlier versions the text-edit panel sometimes showed up off to the side. If possible try moving your screen focus left or right to see if you can find it (or change the screen resolution to make the music take up a smaller part of the write window).

Thanks! Something worked – I shrunk it so the entire page was visible, and it worked. Then made it bigger and it still worked. Back in business!