Text entry shortcuts

I am relatively new to nuendo, just installed 6.5 on my MacBook (Mavericks) and I just can’t get my machine to use command+c,v,x,z when I change the track names, or the file name in the “safe as”-dialog.
Other than that the shortcuts work as expected, it’s only the text entries.
It’s probably some kind of focus problem. I haven’t found anything in the posts, so here my first one.

Btw. Did anyone ever try to export a scene with e.g. edited dialogue, in order to export the part of the movie to send it to the director for approval. I need to do that all the time, how to in nuendo?

I dig the integrated taker system for ADR and foley.

Seems to be a very dumb question, or a very active forum…

Anyone an idea?

I am not sure if I understand what you are asking. My guess is that you want to know if you can use typical “cut-paste-copy” functions in the track naming and save-as fields. Yes you can. I spend quite a bit of time pasting in track name fields, or changing file names in the pool or project browser. I am on PC so I can’t say if this is something specific to MACs, if the commands are different from PC or not. can you give a clearer description of the issue ???

Is it possible that your keyboard set is not causing the issue? (like Nuendo has the F5 which switches between marker keys and and shuttle key commands.)


Thanks for your reply!
From time to time I am working on a PC with none of these problems, but at home I am Mac-based. So this is surely a Mac problem. I’m not sure what you meant by F5 for key-switches, when I press F5 the media bay opens. I turned off all MacOS shortcuts, so the F-keys are free. But even with the MacOS shortcuts on, copy/paste-shortcuts should be working for naming dialogs.
Any Mac users here?

My F5 is set to “toggle alternate key commands” in the key commands

look in key commands at the “toggle alternate key commands” function.
when you select this you toggle between “Shuttle key commands” and “Marker key commands”

I am beginning to think this is not what your problem is, but I am not a Mac guy so…


Thanks Brain for trying to help.
I got an answer from sb-support. They couldn’t reproduce my case, but they recommended to trash my nuendo-prefs. I did that and that solved my case.
Since I have to switch between pt and nuendo frequently, I configured the shortcuts for copy, paste & undo pt-like (c, v & y(z on an american keyboard). The first thing I did to solve this issue was to reconfigure these shortcuts to the default state in the shortcut editor, but that didn’t help, I really had to trash the whole key commands-file.