Text flow Q?

I know it has been discussed but can’t find where.

I’d like to make a title text master page that could be flow related.
The goal is to make a booklet with Title pages for each song.
I can easily do it manually but I’d like to use token like {@flowtitle@} wich don’t work when there’s no music…
Any solution?

If you want to input manually, you will need to write the token in a text frame — created in Engrave mode — and you can use {@flowXtitle@} where X is the number of the flow.
Since Dorico Pro 2, you can use also {@flowXFirstPage@} which should give you nice results!
Hope it helps!

Yes it helps in way, but I’m trying to find a way to completely automate wich flow title will appear. Just because I’m lazy and woul like to use a single master page that could be inserted without any editing necessary. That’s where flowtitle would do a great job.

Id try to use the “First Master Page” with only text frame for left page but no success. It seems that I don’t understand this behaviour yet :frowning:
No matter how many left pages I add, it never shows the text only page (left page of first master page).

We could go on with this conversation on fb (the French speaking page I created for that — Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico).
Anyway, the first masterpage will probably always be the right one, so I guess I don’t really understand what you are trying to do…

If you have a page with just text on it, Dorico will never know which flow to use. It really is that simple. You’ll need to use {@flow1Title@} or {@flow2Title@} or whatever.