Text formatting popover disappears off screen

The attached screenshot shows the problem: if working on the RH side of the screen (unavoidable if you have one page or are working on your final page) the text formatting popover runs off the side of the screen and half the options are inaccessible. Is this a known issue and is there a better way round it than to zoom in to a ridiculous degree, or create your object elsewhere on the page and move it over?

Try using galley view?

There’s no way to influence where the text editing popover appears, unfortunately, but hopefully you’ll find that moving the page further to the left is possible at this zoom level; perhaps not.

Galley view makes no difference if the object is at the end of the score.

To get the object far enough to the left I have to zoom in to 1600%, which seems very unwieldy.

I’m having this same issue when trying to edit page headers.
Is there a different to edit my text when the popover can’t be fully accessed?

That seems particularly extreme, Timothy! Try changing the zoom level again; sometimes the text editor itself actually opens in the wrong place immediately after opening the master page or flow heading editors, but typically a quick change of the zoom level helps sort that out.

I had this issue with editing a text frame at the end of my score. The only way I could get to the formatting controls was to add a blank page to the end of the score, make my edit, and delete the blank page. Not elegant, but it worked.